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ThermaFab, Inc. has been involved in the manufacture, sales, operation, and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment equipment since 1972. Our firm specializes in floating lagoon baffles, clearwell curtains, and portable spill containment systems. We have a solid foundation in designing, fabricating, and installing the products, using only the finest materials for fabrication.

ThermaFab, Inc. provides assistance to the client in selection, design, and construction. Client groups include commercial, industrial, and governmental agencies. Baffles are custom designed for each facility to provide maximum strength and durability. All clearwell curtains are fabricated from reinforced geomembrane materials to ensure safety and reliability. There are two types of portable spill containment systems both of which are temporary. TroubleShooter™ Series F is ideal for containment of leaking drums or drip pads for valves or fittings. TroubleShooter™ Series A can be easily transported and is ideal to collect liquid from leaking drums as well as overflow spills from tank trucks.

The goal of our company is to promote a cleaner and safer world. We do this through the use of specially engineered fabrics used in conjunction with water and wastewater treatment techniques. Our equipment has a variety of positive outcomes including increased baffle performance, reduced cost of operation, and prevention of hazardous liquid spills. We can deliver and install custom fabricated systems for long-term management or short-term environmental protection.

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