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Lagoon Baffle

A Floating Division Baffle

bio-separator baffle

The basic goals in designing the bio-separator were:

  1. Provide an a economical and effective method for designing new lagoon systems
  2. Upgrade existing lagoon systems to accept increased flows
  3. Increase the performance to meet treatment limits within the EPA guidelines

The Bio-Separator is a pre-engineered, custom fabricated, flow diverting baffle. It can be manufactured using a variety of fabric reinforced coated materials. The material selection is based on the application and the chemical make-up of the waste to be treated.

The Bio-Separator is fabricated to the specific length, depth, and side slope desired. Windows can be positioned to achieve the desired flow pattern in the lagoon.


Wardsvilles Baffle

The use of the Bio-Separator offers an economical approach for the upgrade of existing lagoon systems. The Bio-Separator meets the allowable limits for BODs and Total Suspended Solids imposed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The floating baffles allow the system to be upgraded without the expense and difficulty of dewatering the lagoon; which is usually required when earthen dikes or rigid baffle systems are used.


Bowman Baffle

Lagoon systems using the floating baffles provide a low cost alternative to activated sludge systems. When properly designed, these systems can produce effluents in which the average concentration for BODs and Total Suspended Solids meet the requirements set by the EPA. These systems have attractive features, which include very little maintenance or operator attention, construction at a cost 40-50% less than activated sludge systems, and operating at a power level 50% less than activated sludge plants.

Industrial lagoons: The Bio-Separator can be designed and fabricated to meet the specific needs of an industrial waste treatment process. A fabric resistant to the waste can be selected based on bench scale treat ability studies. A curtain can be used to create mixing areas, activate sludge basins, clarify areas with positive sludge return, and disinfect areas.