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Clearwell Curtain

By using a new system by ThermaFab, retention time problems can be solved in an easy, cost efficient manner. The Bio-Separator Clearwell system offers value over the costly, traditional fixed wall baffles, while providing the same superior performance. The resulting increased retention time provides enhanced disinfection in the final treatment phase.

Bio-Separator Clearwell baffles are custom designed for each facility to provide maximum strength and durability. Using only stainless steel hardware, The vertical position of each baffle curtain is maintained by a structural design created by either the project engineer or ThermaFab technical staff. Bio-Separator Clearwell baffles are fabricated from reinforced geomembrane materials to ensure safety and reliability. Fabrics are FDA or NSF approved. These fabrics are tested to withstand chlorine, extreme temperatures, rips, abrasions, and hydraulic shock. Clearwell baffles come with a one-year warranty to demonstrate ThermaFabís confidence in their materials and workmanship.

Clearwell Curtain

The installation of the Bio-Separator Clearwell baffles is a quick and simple process. The process requires only a temporary drain of the tank. ThermaFab provides an installation team or a certified field technician to supervise installation. In cases where it is impossible to take the clearwell out of service, a diving team may perform installation of the ThermaFab system. The benefits of the Bio-Separator baffles are immediately realized once in place.

The ThermaFab Bio-Separator Clearwell baffles are the most cost efficient means of increasing retention time and gaining greater control over the water flow in a new or existing treatment plant.