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Bowman Sewer Systems

Bowman, South Carolina, January 2003

Bowman Sewer Systems
Owner: Town of Bowman
Project: Lagoon Baffles
Size: (1) 147'x 9', (1) 94'x 9', (1) 93'7x 9'
Material: 8130 XR-5
Fabricator: ThermaFab, Inc.
Installer: ThermaFab, Inc.

The existing baffles at the Town of Bowman's Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bowman, SC required replacement because of torn sections and missing flotation logs which were allowing short circuiting and inhibiting the Town's ability to meet their discharge limits.

The Town chose to install new baffles in three lagoons. The new baffles were designed to increase the retention time of the wastewater in the lagoons and improve the treatment process. The design required baffles of 147'x 9', 94'x 9', and 93'7x 9' in size. The material used for the baffles was 8130 XR-5 from Seaman Corporation.

ThermaFab, Inc. of Gaston, SC was chosen for the geomembrane work on this project. The baffles were fabricated in ThermaFab's facility in Gaston, SC and the installation was completed on schedule. The cell was placed in operation and the baffle system has functioned as designed with little required maintenance.