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Orangeburg Water Plant

Orangeburg, SC, December 2000

Orangeburg Water Plant
Engineer: BP Barber & Associates
Owner: City of Orangeburg
Project: Clearwell baffles
Size: (5) 150' x 17'
Material: 8130 XR-5
Fabricator: ThermaFab, Inc.
Installer: ThermaFab, Inc

The City of Orangeburg's Water Treatment Plant in Orangeburg, SC needed a new potable water clearwell tank to meet increased demand and chlorine contact time requirements. B P Barber & Associates was chosen for the process and civil design. Because of the lack of available land at the existing treatment plant and to minimize the costs, a smaller tank with baffles was recommended.

Their design required five baffles, 150' x 17' in size, to be installed in the clearwell tank, which significantly increased the amount of drinking water treated in the smaller tank. The material selected for the baffles was 8130 XR-5 PW manufactured by Seaman Corporation. This material was selected because of its high strength and proven record in this application.

ThermaFab, Inc. of Gaston, SC was chosen for the geomembrane work on this project. The baffles were fabricated in ThermaFab's facility while the clearwell tank was being constructed. ThermaFab's crew met the construction schedule with the on-site baffle installation. The clearwell tank was placed in operation and the baffle system has functioned as designed with little required maintenance.